About AOI  2022

The 2022 Arab Opinion Index is the eighth in a series of public opinion surveys across the Arab world, based on the findings from face-to-face interviews conducted with 33300 individual respondents in 14 Arab countries: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Iraq, Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon, Egypt, Sudan, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Libya, and Mauritania. The Arab Opinion Index remains the largest public opinion survey carried out in the Arab world. Sampling followed a randomized, stratified, multi-

stage, self-weighted clustered approach, giving an overall margin of error between +/- 2 % and 3% for the individual country samples. The overall samples guarantee probability-proportional-to-size (PPS), ensuring fairness in the representation of various population segments. The results of the index are presented according to the countries surveyed and according to the general average of each Arab region. For the purposes of comparison, the data of the countries surveyed is classified according to the geographical regions of the Arab world, namely:

The Arab Maghreb: Mauritania, Morocco, Algeria, Libya, and Tunisia.

The Nile Valley: Egypt and Sudan.

The Arab Mashreq: Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, and Iraq.

The Gulf: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Qatar

The AOI is a yearly public opinion survey conducted by the ACRPS across a range of Arab countries. It provides important data about trends in Arab public opinion on a range of economic, social and political issues of direct relevance to Arab citizens, including democracy, citizenship, equality, and civil and political participation. It presents citizens’ evaluations of their own circumstances, general conditions in their home countries, state institutions and their confidence therein. It also looks at their attitudes towards Palestine and the Arab-Israeli conflict as well as the regional policy of international and regional powers (such as USA, France, Germany, Russia, China, and Turkey).