About AOI  2015

Results from the 2015 Arab Opinion Index, the largest public opinion poll of its kind in the Arab region, were officially released as part of a press conference in Doha, Qatar today. This year’s findings were based on 18,311 face to face interviews conducted in 12 separate Arab countries. The latest survey affords scholars and policy makers the opportunity to understand how the Arab citizenry views the most pressing issues which face it today, including the Iranian nuclear deal; the growth of radical extremism and,

in particular, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL); and the Syrian revolution. In addition, respondents’ answers to the survey questions offer a wealth of  information on Arab citizens’ attitudes towards democracy, the relationship between religion and civil and political affairs, and the future prospects of their home countries. This year’s Arab Opinion Index marks the fourth consecutive year that The Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies has conducted its yearly survey of Arab public opinion, allowing comparisons in the Arab public attitudes towards the main issues surveyed in all AOI polls since its launch in 2011.

Countries in which the Arab Opinion Index Survey was conducted

Name of Country Date of Fieldwork
Tunisia 06-05-2015 - 10-06-2015
Palestine 10-05-2015 -11-06-2015
13-05-2015 -03-06-2015
17-05-2015 -29-05-2015
20-05-2015 -15-06-2015
21-05-2015 -13-06-2015
23-05-2015 -19-07-2015
01-06-2015 -18-07-2015
13-08-2015 -24-08-2015
Saudi Arabia
30-08-2015 -19-10-2015
07-09-2015 -30-09-2015