About AOI  2019.2020

The ACRPS is proud to announce the publication of the 2019-2020 Arab Opinion Index. The AOI is a yearly public opinion survey conducted by the ACRPS across a range of Arab countries. This year’s AOI is based on the findings of Face-to-face interviews conducted between November 2019 and September 2020 with 28,000 individual respondents in 13 Arab countries (Mauritania, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Sudan, Algeria, Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Qatar) with a margin of error of +/- 2-3%. It is the fruit of some 69,578 hours of work by more than 900 researchers in areas requiring 820,000km of travel, making it the largest public opinion survey in the Arab World in terms of sample size, the number of countries covered, the number of variables tested, and the volume of data collected. 

 It supplies data; used by many academic institutions and academics in their own work. The findings are presented by country and as pan-Arab averages. Countries are divided into different regional categories: 

Arab Maghreb: Mauritania, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia. 

Nile Valley: Egypt, Sudan. 

Arab Mashreq: Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq. 

Gulf: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar.

The AOI is a yearly public opinion survey conducted by the ACRPS across a range of Arab countries. It provides important data about trends in Arab public opinion on a range of economic, social and political issues of direct relevance to Arab citizens, including democracy, citizenship, equality, and civil and political participation. It presents citizens’ evaluations of their own circumstances, general conditions in their home countries, state institutions and their confidence therein. It also looks at their attitudes towards Palestine and the Arab-Israeli conflict as well as the regional policy of international and regional powers (such as USA, France, Germany, Russia, China, and Turkey). 

Countries in which the Arab Opinion Index Survey was conducted

Name of Country Date of Fieldwork
Tunis 03-11-2019 - 15 -12 -2019
01 -12 -2019 -31-12-2019
01 -12 -2019 -29-12-2019
05 -12 -2019 -19-01-2020
17 -12 -2019 -31-01-2020
Saudi Arabia
27 -12 -2019 -15-04-2020
Kuwait 21 -12 -2019 -11-01-2020
05 -01 -2020 -04-02-2020
22 -01 -2020 -02-02-2020
26 -02 -2020 -20-04-2020
25 -05 -2020 20-07-2020
31 -05 -2020 - 12-07-2020
01-07 -2020 - 20-08-2020